Disruption is the New Normal

Hyper Adoption and Hyper Abandonment…Augmented and Virtual Reality…Conversational Commerce…Artificial Intelligence…Block chain…the Internet of Things…chatbots: The list of disruptive forces converging on retail is indeed long. And while there are certainly days when this era of constant and rapid change can be intimidating, on most days at Aptos we think it’s an extremely exciting time to be in retail. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to play a small – but not insignificant – role in helping to determine the future of retail.

We take very seriously our opportunity to be a part of the future of this incredible industry, and as such, our industry experts, client representatives and thought leaders spend a lot of time observing, analyzing and documenting experiences, trends and technologies that they believe have the potential to help define the future of retail.

Their forecasts and projections are typically presented as blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, white papers, and videos, many of which are collected here to make it easy for you to understand – and perhaps take advantage of – our collective point of view on how the future of retail will take shape…in the not too distant future.

Explore our points of view on the fascinating future of retail
What will the store experience look like in 2030?

– Video Flipbook –

As we turn the page on a new decade in 2020, we asked six industry thought leaders to predict what the store experience might be like when we turn the page on the next decade.

Retail’s Coming Decade: Waiting for Michelangelo

– Blog –

As we turn the page of a new decade, Aptos’ Dave Bruno looks way ahead to try to predict what the store will look like in 2030.

Under Armour Deploys Groundbreaking Technology

– Video –

In a model that predicts the future of retail technology, Under Armour deployed Aptos ONE Store Commerce for its Sample Sale, a large-scale pop-up style event, in less than six weeks.

Store Innovation Watch: December 2019

– Blog –

Nikki Baird’s monthly inventory of innovative store experiences takes a look at the magic of retailing at the Harry Potter Studios in London.

The State of the Retail Customer Experience

– Infographic –

Aptos’ Customer Experience Index assessed the state of today’s customer journey at 90 retailers around the world to provide a roadmap for future investments.

A Playbook of Blockchain Possibilities in Retail

– Infographic –

Wondering what the future holds for Blockchain, and how that future intersects with retail? Check out our Playbook of Blockchain Possibilities in Retail for examples of blockchain applications that we think have a chance of scoring with retailers, and how quickly they might cross the goal line.

Store Innovation Watch: August 2018

– Blog –

Aptos VP Nikki Baird’s monthly list of new, innovative and potentially impactful store experiences. This month, Nikki shares her perspective on vending machines, pop-ups, The RealReal’s LA store, and more.

The Future of the Mall is Bright…if We Have the Courage to Embrace It

– Blog –

Despite a disappointing recent history and desperate projections for the future, Aptos Marketing Director Dave Bruno is positively bullish on the future of the mall. See hay he thinks their future is so bright.

Store Innovation Watch: July 2018

– Blog –

Aptos VP Nikki Baird’s monthly list of innovative and potentially impactful store experiences. This month, Nikki shares her perspective on Nike Live, The Container Store’s creativity stations, and several other new experiences.

7 Retail Experts Share Their Top Tips for Reinventing the In-Store Experience

– eBook –

The future of retail will, without question, be shaped by retailers that best adapt to shifting shopper expectations for meaningful experiences in the store. In this eBook, 7 retail experts share strategic advice as well as tactical tips and best practices for creating the store experience of the future.

Doug Stephens on the Keys to Brand Sustainability

– Podcast –

Doug Stephens, aka “The Retail Prophet,” sat down with Aptos for an engaging, interactive and insightful conversation. During this 25-minute interview, Doug shares his opinions on brand sustainability and the unconventional strategies he believes retail brands must adopt in order to have staying power in the near – and long-term future.

Retail is Popping Up All Over

– eBook –

As customer expectations evolve (and escalate), most experts believe that pop-up shops will play a major role in the future of retail. This insightful and informative eBook looks at the current state of the pop-up industry and recommends new approaches for taking your store to the experience.

10 Things Retailers Should Consider Before Investing in a Pop-Up

– Checklist –

For those seriously considering adding pop-up shops to their experience strategy, Melissa Gonzalez, founder and Chief Pop-Up Architect at The Lionesque Group, recommends 10 things retails should consider before investing in pop-ups.

What’s the Buzz? Planning and Supply Chain Trends from Paris to New York

– Blog –

Aptos Vice President Peter Charness reports on the hot topics discussed during a pair of lively panel discussion during our Thinking Retail Symposiums earlier this year. Executives from REI, Moncler, AW Lab, Finish Line, Urban Outfitters, Boston Retail Partners and Columbus Consulting joined the expert panels. In this informative post, Peter summarizes what he found to be the most pressing and impactful trends and strategies discussed across both panels.

Laura Davis-Taylor on Hacking the Customer Experience

– Podcast –

During this enlightening episode of The Retail Experience Project podcast series, Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-founder and Principal Consultant of The High Street Collective, discusses how digital strategy, emotional currency and internal alignment will light your path to the optimized CX of the future. Laura references real examples from 20 years of designing and consulting on retail experiences for some of the world’s most cutting-edge and successful retailers and brands.

Preparing for Conversational Commerce

– eBook –

Explore the rapidly-arriving future of conversational commerce in this well-researched report full of opinions and insight, including the opinions of Jeff Roster of IHL and Paula Rosenblum of Retail Systems Research. Jeff and Paula share their opinions and critiques of our point of view in the margins of our latest eBook, produced in a compelling format inspired by J J Abrams’ novel ‘S.’

A Unified Customer View: The Backbone of Future Retail

– Video –

London Telegraph Business Reporter Alastair Greener sits down with Aptos Executives Ian Rawlins and Richard Willis to discuss how a unified view of the customer is a critical step to successfully meeting shopper expectations in the not-too-distant future of retail.