Who We Are, How We Work, What We Do

Lets dispense with the statistics: 45 years of experience. 48 countries. 270 leading retailers. 500 top brands. 38,000 mobile devices. 122,000 physical and online stores. 245 million consumer names. $500 billion of annual customer revenue processed through our solutions.

They’re all impressive numbers. And they’re about what you’d expect from the leading provider of end-to-end solutions to softgoods, hardgoods, specialty and general merchandise retailers. But they’re not what really counts.

What matters more to us as we expect does to you is the actual value we can deliver to your business: the difference we can make in taking your business from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow by driving customer engagement, productivity, profitability and growth. And that depends on four things.

A Partner You Can Depend On

One is being able to work with a team of professionals who are not just technology vendors but long-term partners materially invested in your success.

Aptos is. We help your business achieve its full potential through structured collaboration in all endeavors, from planning through execution and ongoing support. To the point that we link our own compensation directly to your satisfaction with our results. In other words, we walk the walk.

“Our goal is to establish long-term, satisfying relationships with both our customers and our colleagues that are built, first and foremost, on value and trust.”

-Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO

A Superior Approach

A second critical factor is being guided by sound principles, not just the pursuit of profit, so we can work together for the right reasons and in the right way.

For us, that’s the Aptos Way. Its defined by our willingness to attack challenges creatively and urgently with a never say die approach. Its about always putting your needs first. Its also about authenticity: being prepared to talk straight without exception and to honor our promises without fail.

With all of this, our commitment to engage customers differently is more than a tagline: It reflects a customer-focused culture that shapes everything we do.

A Strong Organization

A third important success driver is a well-run organization. At Aptos, cohesive leadership by the industry’s top executives and senior managers reinforces quality, initiative, discipline and accountability at all levels, while fostering the desire to excel; to rise above business as usual to work differently and achieve more.

We are supported in this endeavor by a highly involved community of retailers and partners. Our Executive CIO Council, Strategic Advisory Boards, and annual Insights conference are just some of the forums we rely upon and that you can leverage to collaborate, strategize and grow.

But this too is only part of the Aptos formula for success.

Exceptional Solutions Aligned with Your Needs

The fourth element in our value equation is the fit we establish between your business and ours.

Our proven ability to meet the varied needs of many different retailers means that we probably have what it takes to meet yours. Our advanced, end-to-end solutions are developed on a singular commerce platform to unify omni-channel environments and seamless customer experiences, and deployed via the Cloud to optimize efficiency, agility and cost management.

But whether you sell apparel or shoes, jewelry or sporting goods, and whether you have fifty stores or five thousand, we know that your business is in some ways unique. That’s why we invest substantially to understand your business, and apply our solutions in ways that are ideally suited to your environment, processes, customers and objectives.

Our Bottom Line

So what do you get when you engage Aptos You get a partner you can depend on with a superior approach; a strong, well-run, customer-focused organization; and industry-leading solutions that are unsurpassed in design, function and fit. And when you put all that together, you get the assurance of meaningful, measurable results that will drive the needle on your success.