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Deliver unified journeys and empower your enterprise. Without the silos.

As consumers increasingly look to technology to demand more flexibility, information and speed, retailers have struggled to adapt.

To keep pace with each new demand, many retailers cobbled together point solutions and technologies, which led to complex and fragile integrations, data silos and inefficient processes. All of which negatively impacted both the customer experience and many of retail’s most important metrics.

We set out to fix that with Aptos ONE, a retail experience platform developed on advanced modern technologies designed for the needs of today…and tomorrow.

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Our omnichannel-native platform makes it possible to leverage modern microservices to your full advantage


Moving existing functionality to the Cloud can create more problems than it solves. Aptos ONE was built on the Cloud and for the Cloud, with an architecture built for the future.

Mobile-first execution

Remove all dependencies on store servers, and deliver solutions designed for mobile experiences that create engagement with both employees and consumers.


Innovate with a collaborative development framework that does not compromise the underlying platform. Create new opportunities for driving value and deliver new capabilities with speed. 


Never again worry about expanding across borders, as comprehensive localization support, deployed through microservices, makes it fast and easy to open new markets.

Universal commerce services

One customer, one order: Aptos ONE delivers truly unified commerce, across channels, devices and locations.

Designed for omnichannel

Aptos ONE is native to omnichannel retail and designed for omnichannel excellence.

Unified Point of Sale for diverse demands

The first solution we delivered on the Aptos ONE platform is Aptos POS. We believe when the store is empowered with advanced technology, it can be your biggest driver of differentiation. That’s why agility and flexibility are integral to the Aptos ONE cloud POS solution. To adapt to constant change with simplicity. 

  • More than 40 years of POS leadership informs a comprehensive feature set designed to help you manage every type of interaction and transaction
  • Mobile-first execution makes it easy to meet demand wherever it may come, inside the store or out
  • Sell confidently with cloud-native deployment and true offline resilience
  • Save every sale and maximize inventory productivity with real-time inventory across the entire enterprise
  • Make the store the heart of every journey with native integration across every channel and touchpoint
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Fulfill orders easily with integrated Order Management

In our omnichannel retail environment, how you connect customers to products is almost as important as the products themselves. Aptos ONE combines the unique advantages of the store with our integrated set of universal order management services to make fulfillment a breeze.

  • Native support for in-demand fulfillment methods including Endless Aisle, BOPIS, BOSS and more
  • Access real-time and perpetual inventory data across the enterprise
  • Coordinate orders across channels with OMS designed for omnichannel
  • Our integrated Store Fulfillment App helps associates keep promises
  • Universal microservices make omnichannel journeys seamless for everyone involved

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Unified promotions across channels and touchpoints

Promotions can be among the most effective conversion tools in a retailer’s toolbox. However, they must be delivered accurately and consistently across channels and touchpoints, or those potential customer conversions can quickly turn to customer defections. Aptos ONE streamlines the setup, maintenance, and distribution of all omnichannel promotions.

  • Web-based promotion configuration and management
  • Seamless API-driven integration to all channels and touchpoints
  • Robust promo options including loyalty tiers, membership-based offers (demographic and socio-economic groups), mix-and-match (BOGO), coupons, and many more
  • Our universal commerce service validates coupons across channels

Integrated customer tools drive acquisition and loyalty

Engage every customer with personalized offers based on their unique relationship with their brand. Unified and integrated customer loyalty tools drive unified experiences across channels to maximize your ability to interact with, acquire, and retain loyal customers.

  • Flexible options to create separate options and offers for each loyalty tier
  • Comprehensive options to earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards
  • Earn and redeem points in real-time, across channels
  • Earn points against overlapping plans – even within one transaction
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Modern tech infrastructure delivers agility, security and confidence

Many retailers run on legacy technology or redundant tech stacks. Aptos ONE was designed with modern architectural principles built to solve retailers’ problems today and tomorrow, whether that’s keeping store experiences agile, connecting cross-channel interactions or staying in business despite an internet outage.

  • API integration and a focus on compatibility make Aptos ONE easily extensible to third-party solutions and technologies
  • Our modular approach to microservices delivers functionality in specific use cases that are easy to extend and leverage
  • Modern DevOps minimize complexity for tech workflows and processes
  • Store Operations are secure with single-tenant Cloud deployment
  • Business critical functions stored on devices to ensure offline resiliency
Aptos ONE Technical Overview

Enhance and extend with a Developer Portal

Open new opportunities for driving your retail forward in your own direction with the Aptos ONE Developer Portal. Create or extend experiences to match your unique customers’ expectations and preferences, and still stay on base product releases.

  • A library of APIs to help you extend to other solutions in your unified commerce ecosystem
  • Comprehensive test code and scripts to help ensure every extension works as expected
  • Detailed payment integration documentation ensures payment flexibility

Drive excellent experiences through the store

More than 70% of customer journeys involve the store. Stores convert by as much as 10X more than digital sales channels. The store is, and will continue to be, the central channel for retailers. Aptos ONE powers the store to elevate your retail experiences above your competition.

  • Integrated enterprise data improve inventory productivity and omnichannel experiences
  • Aptos’ approach ensures offline resilience without in-store servers
  • Mobile-first execution and cloud deployment has been proven to save 25-55% in store hardware costs
  • Out-of-the-box features support localization, translation and compliance
  • Simplified deployment and broad device support make it possible to bring new registers live in minutes
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