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Flexible POS capabilities on modern architecture deliver excellent and evolving experiences. In the Cloud.

More than 40 years of deep retail experience — encompassing decades as the market leader in retail Point of Sale, rich industry know-how and an empathetic understanding of the store — have been distilled into our mobile-first, microservices-based and patented offline-resilient Cloud POS solution. Aptos ONE POS combines key POS capabilities with complete configurability for easy adaptation and differentiation.

All delivered on the Cloud and integrated into your entire enterprise. So you can deliver seamless and consistent store experiences to every shopper. Now and in the future.

Aptos' mobile POS systems give associates agility to succeed

Agility for the age of Unified Commerce

Design experiences around what your customers want. Interact (and transact) wherever your associates are most effective. Go where your customers gather. Onboard devices and associates in ten minutes or less. Aptos ONE POS packs the industry’s most powerful cloud-based feature set into an intuitive app, easy to deploy on retail-ready iOS or Android devices. So you can connect customers to products anywhere, right from the palm of your hand.

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Aptos ONE POS Datasheet

Deliver seamless and consistent sales experiences with Aptos ONE POS.

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Rich POS capabilities reimagined for the Cloud

Aptos ONE POS combines all the advantages of modern technology with the critical capabilities every store needs to satisfy the expectations of every shopper. All optimized for delivery via the Cloud.

  • A rich store selling transaction set
  • Deep and flexible discount and promotion capabilities
  • Customer profile and loyalty integration
  • Configurable receipts and eReceipts
  • Highly configurable experiences and devices
  • Robust payment options
  • Omnichannel fulfillment integration
  • Buy anywhere, return anywhere capabilities across channels
Aptos' retail cloud POS has the richest feature set

Mobile POS - inside and outside the store

With Aptos ONE, being “mobile-first” is much more than a buzzword. Aptos ONE is designed to be mobile, with robust functionality delivered via mobile interfaces that are easy to adapt, easy to use, and highly resilient. Empower your store teams to go where their customers need them, whether that’s inside the store or out:

  • Quickly add line-busting options to help deal with peak customer needs
  • Assist customers anywhere in the store they need help with informed and empowered associates
  • Easily and securely transact at local events outside the store to expand the reach (and revenue) of every store whenever local opportunities arise
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Mobile POS Empowers The North Face Associates to Venture Beyond the Cash Wrap

Learn how mobile-first POS has helped The North Face to modernize the store experience, better support its associates and “remove barriers” for seamless customer interactions.

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mPOS helps retailers sell outside the store

A wealth of unified promotional capabilities

Promotions are among our best tools for converting shoppers into buyers. Aptos ONE promotions are created and maintained via the Cloud and delivered to every channel for seamless execution for every customer no matter when, where or how they shop.

  • Simple promotions and sales
  • Mix-and-match and package pricing
  • Buy more, save more (item, quantity or dollar value)
  • Temporary markdown/sale pricing
  • Threshold-based and membership-based discounts
  • Robust employee promotions
  • Configurable promo code redemption and management across channels
Make promos easy with Aptos mobile POS system

Web-based back-office capabilities

Web-based back-office apps make it easy to configure, update, monitor and analyze everything that happens in each store from a centralized location.

  • Real-time Electronic Journal viewer
  • Store configuration settings
  • Comprehensive sales analysis and dashboards
  • Currency and exchange rate management
  • Store operations management
Aptos retail cloud POS is offline resilient

Cloud-based commerce with offline resilience

Say goodbye to in-store servers. Our proprietary and patented and patent-pending approach to offline resilience enables retailers to sell with stability and confidence while reducing their technology footprint between 25 and 55%. And with the ability to automatically queue transactions and shift data between POS devices with ease, your sales data is safe — regardless of network availability.

  • Seamless transition from online to offline (associates may not notice)
  • Patented solution brings peace of mind without requiring in-store servers
  • Devices automatically detect the presence of the cloud and adjust
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How Aptos ONE ‘Totally Changed the Game’ for New Balance

Aptos’ unified commerce software has helped New Balance to break down internal walls and achieve “omni-enablement.”

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Integrate the experience and enterprise with Aptos' mPOS solution

Modern tech integrates experiences and the enterprise

From real-time sales data and perpetual inventory management to extensive internationalization features, Aptos ONE POS streamlines omnichannel interactions and transactions. And with our foundational architectural principles — including universal microservices and a fully extensible framework — we make the retail experience as seamless for the CIO as it is for the customer.

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Getting Real About Cloud POS and the Future of the Store

Executives from Dickies and New Balance discuss why cloud POS is a priority, how far they’ve come, where they want to go next, and what kind of value they’re achieving along the way.

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Elevate customer experiences with a cloud-native POS.