Aptos Analytic Services


Aptos Analytics compiles and analyzes data across your enterprise to deliver deep insights from every critical area of your business to every key decision maker. With its proven ability to make clear sense of all the never-ending processes and complex variables you must contend with at any given time, Aptos Analytics has become an essential retail management resource.

But even as Analytics transforms mountains of information into meaningful intelligence, many retailers are left wondering how to apply it to respond optimally to constantly changing conditions.

Aptos Analytic Services can provide the answers. Drawing on unsurpassed retail expertise and analytics experience, including best practices from more than 40 Aptos Analytics customers, our professionals will work with you to leverage your insights in concrete strategies, plans and recommendations that will continually improve your performance and profitability.

Analytics Process and User Adoption Review

Is your team getting all they can from Aptos Analytics? This consultation will provide a detailed audit of your current analytics tools, review processes and adoption across your organization, and make specific suggestions for improvement based on answers to the following key questions:

  • How does information flow within and across you organization?
  • Do you rely on reports from individual transactional solutions?
  • Who is using Analytics — and who else should be?
  • How are analytics used in your decision making processes?
  • Is your team focused on the same KPI’s?
  • Do your reports and dashboards focus on the right KPI’s?
  • Is business-critical information shared by your entire enterprise?

Business Opportunity Review

Let Aptos help you analyze and report on store-level business performance across your chain. We’ll flag issues that need attention and identify what to do. Our consultants will:

  • Quickly identify key business issues and opportunities
  • Determine which opportunity or problem to address first
  • Recommend options to deliver the best results

Customer Centricity Review

From the back end to the front end of your business, your decisions must always consider your customers’ expectations. Aptos can show you how to bring your customers front and center within your actions and plans.

  • Are your merchant business processes targeting the correct, most desirable and most profitable customers?
  • How do your buying and planning teams consider select and allocate product based on the most profitable customer groups?
  • Is your customer data in a marketing silo?
  • Are your marketing, merchant and store teams all targeting the same customers?

Omni-Channel Strategy Review

Aptos Analytics can identify your performance and potential issues in every channel of your business. But its true value is derived from integrating information across channels to support one complete view of your customers, inventory, orders, and more. This review will assess your current practices against this essential approach and identify strategies to close the gaps.

Advanced Analytics Solution Training

Get more value from Aptos Analytics by ensuring all your users fully understand the functions and operations most critical to their role, including advanced functionality, and that they are following proven best practices for every Analytics process. Your team will learn new ways to sharpen your competitive edge from the professionals who know Analytics inside out.