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Aptos Mobile Store

In today’s world of instant gratification, a mobile solution is not only useful but essential. Aptos Mobile Store uses the same architecture as our standard Store application to facilitate rapid delivery of its functionality on Apple® iPad®, iPod®, and Microsoft® Windows® mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store gives store managers and sales associates instant, on-the-go access to the tools they need to enhance customer service and productivity by completing end-to-end POS transactions, looking up items, locating stock, and carrying out various inventory management functions.

Aptos Mobile Store is not just another mobile app—it’s a fully functional Aptos Store client that uses all the same point-of-sale features, functions, and business logic as our best-of-breed, #1-ranked Store application.

Aptos Mobile Store enriches the customer’s experience and decreases wait times at the register. Whether on the sales floor helping a customer or while the customer is waiting in line, your associates can scan in items, correct the price and quantity, accept payment, and complete the transaction—for truly seamless service.

POS transactions can be initiated with the option of tendering on the spot or at a traditional register if used for line busting.

Integrated mobile CRM capabilities recognize customers in any store or sales channel with integration to Aptos CRM, which enables your associates to deliver personalized service and offers to your valued customers.

Item lookup helps associates deliver enhanced service to your customers and increases their task productivity by providing on-hand merchandise information such as quantity on-hand across the enterprise, PLU price, current price, description, and more.


Build-a-Bear leverage Aptos Mobile Store to engage customers differently


Automatically Updated

With Aptos Mobile Store, there’s no need to maintain two separate devices, no benefit to installing cumbersome hardware and virtually no difference between what Aptos Store can do and what Aptos Mobile Store can do. That’s the power of one experience.


Secure transactions are no longer limited to the cash wrap. Aptos places an emphasis on total protection with every retailer, every transaction and every payment processor. Plus, we keep an eye on future requirements and changes so that Aptos Mobile Store is always up to date and your customers’ private data is always secure.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: almost anything Aptos Store can do, Aptos Mobile Store can do. International configuration is integrated into our product because we’ve done the research to understand international requirements and implement them.

So it’s not just your devices that are mobile, it’s your entire business.