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How Blockchains Will Change Retail
Blockchain is far more than just Bitcoin

Despite Gartner’s assessment that Blockchain technology is as much as a full decade away from reaching maturity, tech giants and startups alike are investing billions in the technology. And while much of the early hype has centered on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency represents just a fraction of the potential of blockchain to impact how we do business. There have been billions invested in blockchain technology’s ability to impact many aspects of retail, spanning from the supply chain to consumer marketing. The challenge is keeping track of them all, and evaluating which new blockchain-enabled capabilities are important to your unique business.

This collection of materials is designed to help retailers understand blockchain technology and its potential impact on our industry. In this library, we will help you keep track of new investments, new advancements and new opportunities to leverage blockchain technology across the retail ecosystem. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for updates, as the technology – and its impact on retail – is constantly evolving.

Blockchain (in Retail) 101:

This presentation provides a brief overview of blockchain technology and how it is being applied to retail, from payments to marketing to loyalty, the supply chain and more.

Introduction to Blockchain in Retail from AptosRetail


A Deep Dive into Blockchain in Retail

This presentation investigates the many ways that blockhain technology is beginning to impact the entire retail ecosystem, including a brief analysis of the companies making the biggest splash in each area.

A Detailed List of Blockchain Profiles in Retail from AptosRetail


Explore and learn more about the future of blockchain in retail
Blockchain in Retail 2019: Status Check

A look at where blockchain is having the biggest impact on retail today – payments – including an introduction to cryptocurrency and the emerging alphabet soup of cryptocurrency acronyms like ICOs, IEOs and STOs.

The Definitive List of (Current) Blockchain Possibilities In Retail

From the Internet of Things to Trustchains and everything in between, this article presents a “who’s who” and a “what’s what” of blockchain in retail.  A great introduction to the many ways blockchain and retail will intertwine in the near future.

Blockchain and Retail: Four Opportunities

Take a look back at Aptos VP of Innovation Nikki Baird’s 2017 prediction for four breakout opportunities for blockchain in retail. See where she was right on the money (a possible hint) and where she may have been a bit early.

A Playbook of Possibilities for Blockchain in Retail

Wondering what the future holds for Blockchain, and how that future intersects with retail? Check out our Playbook of Blockchain Possibilities in Retail for examples of blockchain applications that we think have a chance of scoring with retailers, and how quickly they might cross the goal line.