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Why Top Brands like Under Armour, GNC and DXL are Turning to Digital Receipts

As retail marketers look for new strategies to keep customers engaged and to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience, top brands like Under Armour, GNC and DXL are turning to dynamic in-store email receipts to drive customer loyalty and boost incremental sales.

When given the choice between a paper or digital receipt, shoppers today opt for digital receipts up to 75% of the time and are more likely to provide their best email in return. Unlike other retailer emails which garner average open rates of 19%, digital receipts boast 45-80% open rates, 15-25% click-throughs, and are typically viewed between 3-5 times.

Consider the results these major retailers have achieved by enabling dynamic digital receipts:


Nutritional supplement retailer GNC first rolled out digital receipts in 2014. They've seen a marked increase in customers' willingness to provide a valid email address.

"We know that customers often feel pressured to give an e-mail at the point of sale and might give a secondary address that they use for marketing messages," David R. Sims, former vice president of CRM at GNC said. "But the digital receipt likely warrants their good address. As long as we remain relevant we can maintain a presence in that environment."

Having improved email bounce rates to less than 5%, GNC references email as a unique customer ID and drives greater personalization by linking their customer's in-store purchases with online shopping behaviors. As new products are introduced to GNC stores, GNC is able to market them to the customers most likely to purchase them.

Digital receipts powered by the flexReceipts Aptos Store plugin offer retailers the ability to present targeted offers, subscribe to replenishment programs, acquire feedback and generate product reviews - all keys to the success of GNC's digital receipt program.


Destination XL, an omni-channel retailer of big and tall men's apparel, has a dramatic story to tell relative to its digital receipts. Prior to enabling flexReceipts, DXL provided only flat, PDF-based email receipts that simply presented a digital copy of the transaction but did nothing to drive ROI. Aptos' POS integration with flexReceipts allows DXL to deliver richly branded, value-driven content while monitoring and optimizing ROI. Today, DXL sees a 320% direct ROI from digital receipts. DXL also leverages its digital receipts to significantly increase mobile app downloads and direct customer feedback. Post-click revenue from a recent campaign showed that over 30% of all customers who receive a coupon in response to a digital receipt survey converted within 24 hours, with a total of 54% converting within a week.


Under Armour is the latest in a lineup of major retail brands to enable flexReceipts. Under Armour's dynamic digital receipts are also integrated into Aptos Store, allowing the brand to easily add and integrate digital receipts into its POS software.

Brent Ott, senior manager of athlete and teammate retail experience at Under Armour, explained the decision to enable digital receipts: "Under Armour athletes [customers] deserve the best connected experience, and with flexReceipts, we can now engage with brand right digital receipts that deliver content and product suggestions tailored specifically to each customer."

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