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Meet with Aptos at Virtual NRF to Ramp Up Your Retail Resilience

Supply chains, stores and shoppers look very different than they did just a few short months ago, and more changes lie ahead. Survival depends entirely on your ability to adapt. Schedule a meeting at NRF to learn how Aptos solutions can help improve the way you plan, buy, price, engage, sell and fulfill.

Here are just a few topics that we can discuss to make good on your retail resolutions for 2021 and ramp up your retail resilience.

Planning Therapy? Yes, Please.

If you're in need of some planning therapy and a prescription for better product, place and time decisions, we've got you covered.

In 2020, consumer habits changed irrevocably, and the new retail normal has yet to emerge – highlighting the importance and shortcomings of product and location planning solutions. Learn how Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management can bring your teams together to collaborate on a unified platform so you can become nimbler, more flexible and more informed while helping shift to a demand-driven and omnichannel planning environment.

Purposeful, Pragmatic AI for Retailers

There's AI, and then there's purposeful, pragmatic AI.

When Aptos acquired Revionics in 2020, we gained extensive and deep resources in the AI arena. What we've been architecting in the AI realm is what you've come to expect from Aptos – AI that's built to map to the specific needs of our retailer customers. We're excited to preview what we've been working on and how it can help retailers address some of the industry's biggest challenges.

Learn More about Aptos ONE

New features continue to be added to our powerful Aptos ONE retail experience platform to power cloud-native, mobile-first, enterprise-class commerce solutions.

Here's your chance to see what new and next-level functionality we've added over the course of the past 12 months. Learn about new customers that rolled out Aptos ONE during the pandemic – underscoring the importance of a cloud-based commerce platform and a world-class extensibility framework that empowers retailers to execute at today's rapid pace of change.

Omnichannel Health Checks Are Key

Getting regular omnichannel health checkups is critical to ensuring the overall welfare of your retail organization. You're in luck, as Aptos is offering free Omnichannel Health Checks during NRF.

Get assistance in defining your omnichannel strategy and goals and building your omnichannel business case. You'll hear industry best practices and problem scenarios to avoid as you forge ahead to improved omnichannel profitability.

Take Stock of Your Inventory Management

An end-to-end view of enterprise-wide inventory has never been more critical to powering omnichannel retailing and ensuring 100 percent fulfill rates and 100 percent satisfied customers. During NRF, let's review your current merchandising processes and learn how to succeed in achieving short-term goals and ongoing omnichannel requirements with industry best practices.

See how Aptos solutions leverage preseason analysis and decisions to automatically generate purchase orders and distributions that streamline execution in season and solve your toughest inventory challenges.

Collection Development Simplified

Looking to bring to market quality deliverables in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner with less waste and more profit? Learn how to centralize processes and streamline workflow throughout the organization to improve decision making with respect to collection development in order to reduce rework and improve accuracy.

We'll also discuss how you can visualize and validate collections for a virtual workplace through technologies such as augmented reality.

Get Ready For Retail's New Normal

Are you ready for what's to come in retail in 2021? Schedule a meeting with Aptos at NRF to learn how we can help you create an enterprise that's built for change.