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Aptos Cares: Next Episode of Commerce of Caring Pod to Drop Soon

The production team behind the Commerce of Caring podcast is wrapping up and putting the finishing touches on the latest episode, and the crew tells Now Trending that this episode may in fact be there favorite yet. 

“Nepal: Shanta’s Safe House” takes us to the dark side of Delhi, where young girls from Nepal are trafficked and held against their will, often sold to the traffickers by their own families.

In this gripping episode, we will hear from several people who are making a real difference, helping rescue and provide an opportunity at a future for hundreds of girls who otherwise would have none.

Picture here is Gabrielle Thompson, Executive Director for Free For Life International, taking a moment to snap a photo while on country. Gabrielle and her team at Free for Life have made ending trafficking for as many girls as possible their purpose and their mission.

Thanks, Gabrielle, for all you do every day to make a difference for these girls, and thank you also for all you did to help get this important story told. 

Thanks also to Montreal colleague Doug Campbell for writing the script for this heart wrenching and inspiring episode.

Stay tuned for news of the podcast dropping – should be any day now!

When The Other Shoe Drops…

…you get the famous shoe sculpture outside the Caleres headquarters in Clayton, Missouri.

Earlier this week colleagues Hamid Jarikji, Shari Gigliotti and Sarah Barron pause on their way into a meeting at Caleres to take a fun selfie with the giant piece of shoe art. The sculpture is a giant high-heeled shoe made from hundreds of cast aluminum shoes designed by Victoria Fuller in 1999, and has become a popular landmark on the footwear brand’s campus.

Hope the meeting turned out as well as the selfie, you guys!


The Aptos Way: Colleague Karen Kormos Celebrates 30 Years!

Montreal Senior Consultant Karen Kormos is celebrating an amazing 30 years with Aptos (and the predecessor companies)!

Karen shares her perspective on this incredible journey on Facebook:

“Thirty years ago I started at a small company called STS, and I was their 127th employee. Times and people have changed, as have I, however I’ve had the great fortune to make many lifelong friends through work, met my husband there, and continue to be challenged everyday, both by my work and by my husband! :)”

Thank you for all these years of dedication and talent, Karen. Your friends and colleagues across all of Aptos send their thanks and congratulations!

Thanks to regular Now Trending contributor Clifford Perlman for sending us this great news (and the fun photo)!

Aptos Cares: Colleagues Tell their Haiti Stories

As you may know, Aptos has made a long-term commitment to helping RetailROI support the village of Bercy, in Haiti. We are helping build an entire campus for orphaned kids that includes a computer lab, classrooms, farmland, a sustainable supply of safe drinking water, and a real chance at a better future.

As part of our commitment, Aptos colleagues join RetailROI on their amazing Vision Trips to Bercy. Several colleagues recently returned from a trip, and today we captured their impressions on video. Pictured here is Rebecca Hochlowski of our Newburgh office as she tells her Haiti stories to videographer Paul Gapay.

Thanks to Rebecca and Diane Cerulli for taking the time to share their compelling stories, and thanks also to Paul for the excellent videography. Watch this space for news of the videos once we get them through the editing process. 

Aptos Cares: Heading Home from Podcast Recording in Studio

After a couple long days in the studio with the Commerce of Caring production team, San Diego-based colleague Dave Bruno made his way home from LA via Amtrak.

Dave tells us that the stretch of the route that runs through San Juan Capistrano is absolutely beautiful. He snapped a quick photo out the window to share this view.

Dave also tells us that the studio session was a complete success, and the the crew all agreed that the upcoming episode was their favorite of the series thus far, thanks especially to Doug Campbell, who single-handedly crafted the beautiful script, and to Gabrielle Thompson, Executive Director of Free for Life International. In addition to all she does to help vulnerable girls in Nepal, Gabrielle was also instrumental in helping us bring this amazing story to life for the podcast.

Aptos Cares: Latest Podcast Episode Production Nears Completion

As documented here at Now Trending, colleagues Doug Campbell and Dave Bruno are nearing completion of the next episode of the Commerce of Caring podcast series.

Doug’s powerful script for this episode tells the amazing story of how several people have dedicated their lives to helping rescue and rehabilitate girls who have been trapped into lives of sexual bondage by traffickers in Nepal and India.

Pictured here are two of the heroes of the episode: Gabrielle Thompson, Executive Director of Free for Life International, and Shanta Sapkota, founder of the Peace Rehabilitation Center in Kathmandu.

Their stories will touch your heart and inspire your soul. Be sure to download “Nepal: Shanta’s Safe House” as soon as it drops on iTunes.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted as the date draws near.

ShopTalk 2017: Unwinding as the Exhibit Hall Winds Down for the Day

Jared Snelson takes a well-deserved break to enjoy happy hour in the exhibit hall at ShopTalk.

Thanks for helping bring our message to market at this important event, Jared. Thanks also to Business Development Manager (and intrepid show photographer) Ashley Weiden for all the photos from the event.

As a bonus, it looks like your beers will stay nice and cold while rocking those fine Aptos koozies, too!


Aptos Cares: The Next Commerce of Caring Episode Hits the Studio

We are very close to completing the next episode of the Commerce Of Caring, and we are spending the day at Outlaw Studios today, working with awesome producers Steve Pierson (left, at the board) and Scott Campbell.

This episode tells the inspiring story of Shanta Sapkota and how she fled a loveless, arranged marriage to build a foundation dedicated to rescuing girls from India’s notorious sex trafficking trade. Twenty years later, Shanta’s Peace Rehabilitation Center, with the help of Free For Life International and RetailROI, has helped provide a safe haven for over 800 girls.

Special thanks to Gabrielle Thompson, Executive Director of Free for Life, for all her generous support of the production of this episode.

A New Friend of the Aptos Family

The editors of Now Trending were working with one of our web developers today, who recently returned from maternity leave. When we asked her about her new little boy, she was kind enough to share this photo of her REALLY cute little boy, born just about three months ago.

We don’t often post extended family pics here, but young Oliver’s mom was the architect of the Now Trending page, and we couldn’t resist saying thank you to mom for all her hard work…and doing a little “showing off”” on her behalf.

Will you just look at how cute this kid is!!!

Thanks for everything, D!