Detrás del software, detrás del servicio, somos personas que tratan de ser nuestro mejor yo.

Puede parecer cursi, pero lo decimos en serio. En un mundo cada vez más digital, nunca olvidamos lo que nos hace humanos. Conozca a nosotros y al Camino Aptos.

Aprenda más sobre el Aptos Way y nuestra cultura

Adding a Touch of Aptosian Flair to Holiday Office Decor!

The holidays are fast approaching, and colleagues everywhere have begun planning their decorations to bring cheer throughout this festive season. Store Operations Team Lead Nancy Sarubbe made an early start to her office decor this year, and she even included some Aptos flair to her trimmings.

We’re loving the commitment to the winter holiday themes, Nancy, even when bathed in that bright Florida sunshine!

Well done, and Happy Holidays!

Global Services Teams Battle it Out via Pub Quiz!

Virtual Pub Quizzes have become a popular way for colleagues to connect and have fun. The Global Services team hosted two regional quizzes yesterday, and we hear they were fierce battles. Director of Professional Services Melanie Actovitch tells us that all players definitely now know what a Christmas pudding is and how many hearts an Octopus has!

Congratulations to Steve Legg of Revionics, who won the EMEA/APAC game, and to Richad Abuani, who won the Americas game!

And well done Melanie, Fernando Salaices, Eva Borruto and Helen Tsiolis for producing and hosting the games!

Global Town Hall: Sharing Corporate Cultures Builds Community

During our Global Town Hall today, we asked several colleagues to share stories of the culture of their respective organizations. Each colleague shared their personal history with the company, their current role, and how the culture helps them succeed and thrive. Each speaker was, in their own way, passionate and authentic, and their stories will definitely help bring the Revionics and Aptos cultures together quickly.

Pictured here, sharing their stories, from left to right, are Aptos colleagues Beth Undhjem, Melanie Actovitch, Diane Cerulli and Eva Borruto.

Well done, everyone – and thank you!

Global Town Hall: Getting to Know Each Other Virtually

As we continue to bring the Revionics and Aptos teams together, it is important to educate and inform each other about our histories, our people and our cultures. During our Global Town Hall today, we asked several colleagues to share their stories.  They shared their personal history, their roles at their respective companies, and other information that will help bring the two companies together, and we here at Trending think they nailed it!.

Pictured here, sharing their stories, from left to right, are Revionics colleagues Jeff Bulger, Sandi Toungate, Matthew Pavich and Alex Braylan.

Welcome New Aptos CEO Pete Sinisgalli!

Today we hosted a global town hall to welcome our new CEO Pete Sinisgalli. Pictured here (left) with Aptos President and COO Steve Towe (right) during the virtual town hall, Pete spent a few minutes sharing his excitement at the opportunities here at Aptos. Click here to learn more about Pete’s background and his vision for Aptos’ future.

Welcome to Aptos, Pete!

Fall Temperatures are…Falling…but Aptos Blankets Will Help, Right?

The calendar has indeed turned to fall all across the Northern Hemisphere, and that means temperatures are beginning to fall as well. So, the new Aptos blankets sent to all participants in last week’s global Sales Kickoff should definitely come in handy right about now. And many colleagues tell us the blankets are indeed helping keep them warm.

However, London-based colleague Kate Hill tells us that she has not found the blanket to be all that warm. Her loveable dog Otto, on the other hand? He is clearly loving it!

It’s time to take back the blanket, Kate!  :^)

Fall Color 2020: A Colleague Captures the Calmness Amidst the Color

Upstate New York-based colleague and photographer Gilbert Espinosa always has seems to have his camera at the ready, and he certainly did earlier this week when traveling through the local Hudson Valley countryside in the midst of fall color season. He was kind enough to share some of his photos with us, and we couldn’t;t resist sharing their colors and their calming effect here on Trending.

We hope you all enjoy them as much as we did…and thank you for sharing, Gilbert, as always!

Aptos Cares: Sponsoring the Virtual Skecher’s Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Aptos is proud to again sponsor Skechers’ Pier to Pier Friendship Walk to support kids in Los Angeles, where Skechers is based. Despite the walk being virtual, the people of Los Angeles still helped Skechers raise almost $1.85 million!

While we couldn’t walk this year, we can remember last year, as colleagues Dave Bruno, Trish Diamond, and Melanie Atcovitch walked from Manhattan Beach pier to Hermosa Beach pier, and back.  They are pictured here in 2019 with then-project manager Joel Kuhns from Adyept.

Here’s hoping for a real walk next year!


Sales Kickoff 2021: Prepping for the Closing Keynote

As our first-ever virtual Sales Kickoff draws to a close today, Aptos President and COO Steve Towe prepares to deliver his keynote remarks from our London office. While going virtual certainly presented many unique challenges, by all accounts, the event was a success, and people from around the globe are anticipating Steve’s closing remarks as head out into our new sales year.

As they say in Hollywood, «Break a leg, Steve!»

Sales Kickoff 2021 – «Social Nearnessing» Around the World

Nothing brings people together quite like food does. And, as Milan-based Luca Ferraris says, «We social nearnessed» during our first-ever virtual sales kickoff and made great food together with the help of an executive chef and Zoom.

Here are the results of Luca’s efforts, and if we may say, they look benissimo!

Well done, Luca!