Detrás del software, detrás del servicio, somos personas que tratan de ser nuestro mejor yo.

Puede parecer cursi, pero lo decimos en serio. En un mundo cada vez más digital, nunca olvidamos lo que nos hace humanos. Conozca a nosotros y al Camino Aptos.

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Monterrey Colleagues Tour New Offices

Things are really coming along nicely as construction continues on our new office space in Monterrey, Mexico. And just in time, too! Currently our entire Monterrey team of 18 colleagues, a lab, and a conference room are all somehow squeezing into an 800 sq. ft. facility. The new offices are over 4,5000 sq ft, with plenty of room to work, collaborate, and even play ping pong!

The entire team (pictured) looks excited by the progress, that’s for sure.

Here’s to a speedy move, everyone!

New Offices in Monterrey, Mexico Starting to Take Shape!

People Leader Steve Stanislaus was in Mexico this week to work with the team in our Monterrey offices. While there, Steve and Senior Software Development Manager Rodrigo Martinez took some time to tour our new offices that are currently under construction. Steve took some time to share photos of the work in progress with Trending, and we have to say, the place is looking good, and it sure looks like they are very close to being done!

Here’s to an on time, on budget project, and an easy transition into the new facility!

Who Say Benefit Renewal Meetings Can’t Be Fun???

Our People Team proved to colleagues in our Toronto office that benefit renewal meetings can, in fact, be fun (especially when the People Team brings pizza with them)!

Pictured here are several Toronto colleagues and People Team members taking a well-deserved break from all that benefits fun…

Next time, People Team how about a little tofu sausage on those pizzas, too!?!



Retail Week Paris: The Power of One Team

As Retail Week began to come to a close, members of the Aptos team gathered for a quick selfie, sporting their Aptos gear that was available on our stand. Pictured here are awesome teammates (from left to right) Denis Vonau, Albane Noel, Nicolas Peraldo and Chris Maragoudakis.

We heard the show was a great success and already we can;t wait for next year.

Well done, everyone – looking sharp!

Retail Week Paris: Chris and Nicolas Speaking to a Full House!

Over 40,000 people attended the Retail Week conference this year, and while not all 40,000 were in attendance during our “The Bridge between Physical and Digital Channels in the Global Omnichannel Shopping Journey: Integrated POS, OMS and CRM” session, by the looks of this photo, a heck of a lot of those 40,000 were definitely there! We have heard nothing but rave reviews for the stellar job done by presenters Nicolas Peraldo and Chris Maragoudakis.

Well done, gentlemen, and next stop…TED Talks!


Retail Week Paris: Anticipation Grows

Over 40,000 retail industry executives converged on Paris earlier this week for one of Europe’s most important industry events. Aptos was well represented by colleagues Sam Hargreaves, Albane Noel, Chris Maragoudakis, Nicolas Peraldo and Denis Vonau. Sam snapped this photo on the way into the convention center just before the show opened on Monday, as anticipation for the big event reached its peak.

Retail Week Paris: Setting Up the Stand

Earlier this week, Aptos was a presenting sponsor of Retail Week 2018 in Paris, France. Our team was on site early to help set up the stand and prepare for demonstrations and presenters. Pictured here, in the background, is Solution Consultant Chris Maragoudakis, running through final preparations. Thanks to Marketing Manager (and ace photographer) Sam Hargreaves  for capturing this shot, including the awesome Aptos gear in the foreground!

Who Says Benefit Renewal Meetings Can’t Be Fun?

The People Team stopped by to visit our Toronto Colleagues for a fun filled benefit renewals meeting. If there’s pizza involved, any meeting can be fun right? Someone save us a slice with pineapple please!

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Go Sports!

Clearly colleagues, Vanessa Trainor and Ryland Leyton share an opinion on their excitement for Fall football! Maybe they don’t have a favorite team, maybe they have too many … or maybe they actually care nothing about sports at all and are just here for the tailgate snacks? We’re not sure!

Either way, looking good guys. Way to support your sports!

Fall Means Football Here in the South!

And as it turns out, Aptos HQ is in Atlanta, the heart of the South, so bring on the football!

Last week, colleagues in the Atlanta Office sported their team colors, brought their favorite tailgate food and gathered together to celebrate the start of the football season!

The editors at trending would be biased if we picked a team so let’s just say Go Football!