Detrás del software, detrás del servicio, somos personas que tratan de ser nuestro mejor yo.

Puede parecer cursi, pero lo decimos en serio. En un mundo cada vez más digital, nunca olvidamos lo que nos hace humanos. Conozca a nosotros y al Camino Aptos.

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EuroCIS 2019: The Team Gathers for Dinner, beer, and (Sigh) Wine

After a busy day at EuroCIS, the team gathered for local fare at a downtown Dusseldorf restaurant. And while there was plenty of camaraderie and team building, there was one minor snag…Solution Consultant Nick Thompson went rogue with his drink order, and despite being in one of the world’s greatest places for beer, Nick ordered wine.

Ah well, we guess that isn’t the worst thing he could have done. We hear all is forgiven!

Joining Nick, from left, were Peter Walker, Shaun Britton, Lutz Kaemmerer, Richard Willis, Nicole Roesch, Daniele Nizerro, Alberto Riva, Kate Hill and the aforementioned Nick.

EuroCIS 2019: Meetings Kick into High Gear

As the EuroCIS expo hall opened today, retail executives from across Europe streamed in to talk shopper expectations, retail challenges, and how Aptos technology can deliver Singular Retail experiences, from concept to customer.  The team was busy hosting meetings all day, including Peter Walker (standing, left) and Daniele Nizzero (standing, right) as they discuss Aptos Store  solutions with a couple interested retail executives.

EuroCIS 2019: The Team Gathers for Opening Day

EuroCIS opened today in Dusseldorf, Germany, and shortly before the expo hall opened for visitors, the team gathered for a quick photo. Pictured on our stand, from left to right, are Daniele NizzeroAlberto Riva, Christoph Graeber, Peter Walker, Lutz Kaemmerer, Nick Thompson, Shaun Britton and Nicole Roesch.

Looks like we have assembled a stellar team of retail and technology experts on site to ensure time spent at our stand in Hall 10 E28 will be well spent. If you are attending EuroCIS 2019, be sure to stop by and see the team!

More from Grand Opening of New Experience Store in Mexico

Several colleagues spent a few days in Mexico City last week to help Grupo Axo open their first Nike experiential store in Mexico City. As you can see by these photos, it was a collaborative team effort, as colleagues and executives from both Aptos and Grupo Axo worked together to bring this exciting new store live.

Well done on a great start, everyone, and best of luck for a long and successful journey in this new location!

More Stores Going Live in Mexico City!

Long-time Aptos client Grupo Axo operates stores throughout Mexico under numerous brand banners, including Nike. Last week they opened their first Nike experiential store in Mexico City. Several Aptos colleagues were on hand to support the opening of the Nike Artz store, including (from left) Brando Garcia, Clifford Perlman and Ivan Fernandez.

The guys look great in their shirts supporting the true team effort. And by all accounts, the opening was a great success. Congratulations, everyone!

EuroCIS 2019: When in Dusseldorf…

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans Do,” so did colleagues (from left) Daniele Nizzero, Alberto Riva, Shaun Britton and Peter Walker while enjoying dinner in Dusseldorf last night, on the eve of EuroCIS 2019. According to Peter, they ordered water for the table, but, being in Germany, they just assumed they meant beer.

Well, whatever the excuse, a decent glass of ale is still a decent glass of ale, amirite?

EuroCIS 2019: The Stand Stands Ready!

On the eve of one of Europe’s biggest retail events, the Aptos stand is staged and ready for action. We we have 5 solution stands prepared to help us talk Singular Commerce with retailers from all across Europe during this three day event in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Looks like we are all set for a great event! Great job, everyone, including our Marketing colleagues who helped make it all happen, including Sam Hargreaves, Chris Cottos, Kate Hill and Annet Krenkel.

We also have lots of goodies to give away, so be sure to stop by Hall 10 E28 and have a chat!

Meetings and a Museum: Another Awesome Day with Swarovski

A meeting at Swarovski’s world headquarters in Watten, Austria is a meeting like no other. In addition to the beautiful setting, there is also a museum on campus, highlighting the history of the company as well as art installations featuring their famous crystals.

Last week, Account Executive Alberto Riva met with executives from Swarovski and while there he was treated to a personal tour of the museum by Mario Herdin as well as a fabulous light show in Watten, followed by awesome local food. Sounds like a rough day’s work. Alberto!!!

Milan at Night: Colleagues Gather After Hours

As mentioned in previous posts, several colleagues from around the globe gathered in Milan this week for planning meetings. After the meetings ended, they took time to savor some of Milan’s food and nightlife  together as well.

At top left (from left to right) are Jay Shields, Ilona Williams, Cheryl Beinetti and Dave Sheekey. Top right are Jay Shields (l) and Valentina Sacchetti (r). And in the bottom photo, from left to right, are Dave Sheekey, Daniele Bonura, Zaki Hassan, and Peter Charness.

Looks like a great time in a great city!

Separated at Birth? Is it Dave Sheekey or Russell Crowe…and Happy 50th, Whoever You Are!

Colleagues in our Milan office took a few minutes out of their busy day to celebrate the 50th birthday of Business Development Director Dave Sheekey. The team decided to be a bit cheeky with Sheekey, too, as they also celebrated his celebrity doppelganger, Russell Crowe. As you can see by the pictures, Dave (wearing glasses, in case you weren’t sure) does look a LOT like the Australian movie star.

Which is only fitting, as we often refer to Dave as a gladiator when he is engaged in a deal.

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!