It's more than a place to sit.

Selecting that perfect chair, sofa, dining table or bedroom set means finding exactly the right style, size, material and color to fit their rooms, needs, budget and taste. The pieces they choose must look great in their home and reflect well on them.

Guiding them through that process is challenge enough. But you also have to meet their expectations for fast and faultless order management when your showroom environments depends on your DC while meeting your own needs to drive efficiencies throughout your operation, and to maintain engaging customer relationships over extended periods of time. Getting all that right can make a real difference between growing your business and shrinking your bottom line.

That why selecting Aptos as your retail and technology partner is a highly professional decision with profitable results. Our advanced merchandising, digital commerce, POS and CRM solutions equip you to present your products, control your inventory and manage transactions in ways that will inspire and delight your customers from their very first visit to your site or store, and give them the confidence to extend that very first purchase into a growing collection for years to come.


From planning and merchandising to engaging customers in every channel and optimizing data and operations, Aptos equips you to run your retail business more efficiently, responsively and profitably. Learn more about our solutions, services, and results.

Point of Sale

Engage customers, gain insights, drive sales and streamline processes with the power of one interaction.


Plan, allocate and manage merchandise precisely according to sales and true demand with the power of one product.

Digital Commerce

Delight your customers with consistent, rich online experiences no matter how they interact, with the power of one brand.

CRM and Clienteling

Get close to every shopper: Learn who they are, what they want and how they shop with the power of one customer.


See, understand and respond correctly to everything that’s happening across your business with the power of one view.

Enterprise Order Management

Manage ordering processes efficiently throughout their life cycle and enterprise-wide with the power of one order.

Audit & Operations Management

Optimize data accuracy, consistency and flows to enrich every system and decision-maker with the power of one truth.

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