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Hear the Harrowing Story of Sabuli Sanguma and Her Familys Flight to Freedom from War-Torn Congo

New Aptos Commerce of Caring Podcast Episode Shows How One Woman Saved Her

Own Five Children and, with Help from RetailROI, 85 Other Victims of Civil War

ATLANTA, April 26, 2016 ? Picture this: A young mother, living alone with her five young children in a remote village in Congo, sings during Sunday services in her local church. Suddenly, bombs explode less than 40 feet from the door of the church. Windows shatter, metal flies and the walls shake. She grabs the two kids that are with her and together they dive under benches. Outside, most of the only life they had ever known is destroyed as civil war arrives in their village. Despite the destruction, she survives and eventually is reunited with all five of her kids.

Now picture yourself there that fateful day ? the day that civil war came to Gemena. What would you do? For Sabuli Sanguma, the answer was clear: She had to lead her kids to safety. So they fled, hiking slowly and only under the cover of darkness, for 30 long miles. They escaped deep into the Congolese jungle ? the only feasible option available to her ? to escape the nightmare of civil war and to keep her family alive. Alone, hungry and hiding for three months, Sanguma and her children managed to hang on. Safety, ultimately, would mean finding a way to join her husband, who was studying in the United States. And with her meager resources abandoned and her communications cut off, what could she do?

Aptos latest episode in its original Commerce of Caring podcast series answers these questions. Through extensive, firsthand accounts by Sanguma and her eldest son Willita Sanguma, the podcast presents the remarkable story of how they fought together to ensure the entire family survived for 90 days and 90 nights in the jungle. Sabulis Story chronicles how their heroic efforts and incredible good fortune, even while completely surrounded by the horror and ruin of civil war, enabled them to escape to the United States.

From War to Salvation

But for Sanguma and Willita, the story had just begun. Incredibly, after all they had been through and all that had been taken from them, Sanguma and her husband eventually returned to Congo. They felt the powerful call of home ? the desire to give back and help, even if they could only help a few of the thousands of children who had been orphaned by the long, brutal war. So they went back. And one by one, children came to them for help, for love and for hope. And today with support from many, including the people of retail (through RetailROI) and CongoVoice, they maintain a home (Sanguma refuses to label it an orphanage) that has given almost 100 children a chance to live, go to school and move confidently into a future they would otherwise not have had.

And Willita, after completing his education in the United States, has learned from his parents example to love and support a country he had once come to hate. In the process, he has gained a new view of himself and his place in the world.

This compelling story of conflict, survival and transformation is available now via your favorite podcast app, iTunes or at

Aptos believes that doing good is an integral part of doing well; as part of its commitment to the community, Aptos is dedicated to supporting RetailROI. To learn more about how Aptos views Social Responsibility as a KPI, visit /home/social-responsibility-as-kpi/.

About Commerce of Caring

The Commerce of Caring podcast series from Aptos explores the power and possibilities of positive change, and the unsung heroes who are using it to create real opportunities for children in need. In exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, each episode features stories of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the lives of young people throughout the world by turning hardship into hope. The series also shows how people across the retail industry are supporting the efforts of these inspiring individuals through The Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) and their partner organizations. To subscribe to this series or obtain more information, visit

About RetailROI

The Retail Orphan Initiative is a charity funded by leading retail technology and solutions providers, consultants, media organizations and retailers. Its mission is to provide real solutions for vulnerable children by raising awareness; by building a sponsor and funding network among retailers, vendors and manufacturers; and by channeling resources to proven, local organizations delivering frontline support directly to those in need. RetailROI has raised millions of dollars for a diverse range of education, health and social projects in 17 countries around the world. More than 90% of the funds raised go directly to the programs they are intended to support. For more information, visit

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