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2022 POS & Customer Engagement Report

From the pandemic to a record-setting 2021 and now higher inflation than we’ve seen in decades, retail’s ups and downs remain somewhat unpredictable. Despite the volatility, retail remains resilient and 2021 and the first half of 2022 did not disappoint, with an amazing rebound and customers returning to stores in record numbers. 

We partnered with Retail Consulting Partners on their 23rd Annual POS & Customer Engagement Survey which surveyed North American retail leaders to gain an understanding of their planned initiatives, priorities, and future trends.

Some key findings include:

  • Movement from multichannel to omnichannel continues with 54% of retailers indicating that they have achieved an omnichannel environment and 4% indicating they already have a true unified commerce platform.
  • Only 13% of retailers indicate that their OMS to POS integration is working well and 62% indicate they will be improving or implementing POS to OMS integration.
  • The top customer engagement priority for 2022 is reducing friction between digital sales and in-store fulfillment, with 60% of retailers indicating this was their top priority.

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