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Aptos software may be the heart of your retail business, directing every operation and enabling seamless customer engagements, but it’s your hardware that ultimately puts all of that into play.

That’s why we support our software solutions with a comprehensive range of unsurpassed hardware services. We leverage more than 30 years of best practices and the most experienced professionals in the business to ensure you can procure, implement and remain up and running with the right hardware, in ways that optimize your performance while lowering costs.

In local markets or around the world, we serve Aptos software clients as a single source for all their retail hardware needs.


Aptos provides retail store and head office hardware from the industry’s top brands, including Toshiba, HP, ELO, Epson, Verifone and many more. As your retail partners, we can advise on which systems will deliver the best value for your needs. Our established relationships with these vendors and volume buying power enable us to acquire your hardware on highly competitive terms, to take advantage of special offers, and to manage every aspect of the procurement process on your behalf.

Staging and deployment

Value is extended throughout your implementation. As hardware professionals who also know your Aptos software inside out, we integrate both elements to ensure your systems are assembled, configured, personalized and tested to perform optimally as designed.

Unique to Aptos, store hardware deployments are managed end-to-end by a designated installation support services team. Your devices are configured in a secured staging facility to meet your specific needs, then custom-packaged for worry-free delivery to each location according to an approved rollout schedule. Once on-site, our expert deployment team directly manages all technicians to bring up your registers quickly, thoroughly and correctly, without disruptions, errors or delays.

Maintenance and support

Maintaining your hardware in peak operating condition is vital to your success. Our hardware maintenance services deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing your infrastructure will perform consistently, and that any issues will be dealt with efficiently and fast. Service calls are prioritized, tracked and managed automatically. Support services can be customized to suit your needs for same-day, next-day or third-day response.

Available hardware service agreements include Total Care, with on-site service for all register and other major components; Advance Exchange, which reduces costs via remote service; Warranty Management, through which we handle all service agreements provided by your hardware manufacturers; and Hybrid Services that combine elements of each service agreement type.

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