Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Faster speed to value, superior quality, reduced costs

Implementing your solutions quickly and effectively depends on well-coordinated teamwork and clear communication to establish and manage roles, responsibilities, timelines and expectations. It also depends on proven methodologies refined through years of best practices, and knowledge of your solutions at level that no third-party can match. Aptos delivers in all ways.

With Aptos, your solutions are implemented by the experts who know them best: the same people who developed them. We apply decades of experience with the aim to not just get you up and running, but to fundamentally improve your business processes through the use of our solutions, supported by comprehensive change management.

With Aptos Store and Mobile Store, that in-house advantage extends to all aspects of deployment. Our specialized team expertly integrates your software and hardware and manages all aspects of your rollout, from staging and shipping to installation and testing, throughout your chain and anywhere in the world, while ensuring full compliance with local standards and regulations.

With all solutions, we are also fully experienced integrating to all third-party applications. We work effectively with third-party vendors and ensure that you understand the interfaces and the requirements of your technical environment.

Five steps to success

Our time tested and proven five-stage implementation methodology gives you direct exposure to your solutions very early in the process, resulting in go-lives that are up to 50% faster than with conventional methods, increasing your speed to value and reducing your costs.

To ensure understanding, governance and follow-through at every step, our Aptos implementation team will be structured with counterparts on your side, including a project sponsor and manager, integration analyst, business analysts, technical analysts and consultants.

After introducing you to our process, service structure and operations, we will:

1. Analyze

  • Conduct deep-dive solution and product reviews in relation to the clients’ environment, needs and objectives – to develop a clear understanding of what will be done and what is expected – to maximize value and minimize risk
  • Identify and plan to address any perceived issues, esp vis a vis integrations
  • Confirm hardware requirements

2. Scope

  • Establish configuration specs
  • Define application playbacks – confirmation of product review, agreements and expectations, including preparation for change management
  • Create the deployment, testing and training strategies and documentation
  • Prepare the project plan with specific timelines for each aspect of delivery and deployment

3. Execute

  • Install the solutions
  • Adjust configurations
  • Convert data
  • Develop the integration
  • Train your teams
  • Create a cutover plan

4. Test

  • Functional testing
  • Readiness testing
  • Support readiness testing

5. Deploy

  • Conduct end-user training – either with or for the client
  • Execute the cut-over
  • Deploy the solution
  • Support your end users for post-go-live or pilot
  • Transition you smoothly to customer support

Where special circumstances arise or changes are requested, we can engage you with other retailers who have been through a similar process to share and leverage their knowledge on your behalf. But in all cases, Aptos’ commitment to engaging customers differently through partnership defines and differentiates the entire process. We work not just for you but closely with you and focus on the same objectives: a predictable, seamless implementation experience that delivers quality and results at every stage.