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Day in and day out, you expect your Aptos software to function as intended, to the highest performance standards. So do we. To meet those expectations, our professional support teams stand ready to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise, quickly and effectively.

Your Aptos support team is introduced to you early in your implementation, then works closely with you during the final phases to ensure a smooth transition. This process is backed by complete documentation, system checks and weekly calls.

Ongoing Aptos support is comprehensive, and can be enhanced with numerous options. We can troubleshoot and correct software, hardware (which can cover repair and warranty management), network, third-party and procedural issues. For your stores, we offer both Help Desk support and, for retailers that do not have their own in-house help desks, Direct to Store Support.

In all cases, and as with all other Aptos services, you benefit from the support of experts who know your Aptos solutions better than anyone else can, and who gain deep familiarity with your business processes.

Rapid response, structured escalation

Corrective action for any issue is only a click away. After logging in to our Support portal, Aptos clients are connected to our level 1 Rapid Response team, which quickly conducts “triage” to distinguish issues that can be resolved directly (more than 65%) from those that require further investigation.

More complex or mission-critical issues will be escalated to level 2 without delay. Store issues can often be resolved remotely via VPN by hands-on Aptos technicians. Mission critical issues automatically involve Aptos managers and an “all-hands-on-deck” response, supported by continuous communications, to correct them in the shortest possible time.

In rare cases where patterns of non-critical issues are identified, or where a more in-depth technical approach is required, level 3 responders are engaged and remain dedicated until the problems are fully resolved.

​​​​​​​With three levels of support and proven response protocols, Aptos enables you to operate your business with complete peace of mind.


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