Aptos Analytics

One View of the Enterprise

Wouldnt it be great if you could easily dig through your mountains of data—and make clear sense of that data—to expose a consolidated, holistic view of your entire enterprise? A view that identifies the right action to take at the right time to positively impact sales, marketing, margins and inventory productivity?

Now, you can.

Deeper Insights for Better Decisions

Aptos Analytics combines advanced data warehousing and sophisticated retail big data analytics to aggregate, integrate and illuminate information from across your retail organization, allowing you to take full advantage of the power of one view of the entire enterprise. The solutions’ powerful, easy-to-use tools are designed to ensure that merchandising, marketing, store operations and executive teams make highly effective decisions, fully informed by what’s happening within and across each area of the business.

As a result, Aptos Analytics equips you to quickly understand and correctly respond to constantly changing conditions with actionable and repeatable processes that tackle your team’s biggest challenges, giving your team more time to think strategically and effectively run the business.

Product Profile Aptos Enterprise Analytics
Enterprise Analytics compiles, structures, combines and analyzes data from across your enterprise—merchandising, the supply chain, store operations, eCommerce, CRM and promotions—and displays the results clearly on any device to enable quick understanding and fast, correct responses. This core component of Aptos Analytics includes an enterprise data warehouse, a retail data model, ETL, a self-service report wizard and role-based dashboards. The result? You'll easily identify exceptions, insights and opportunities; improve critical processes; drive inventory productivity; and consistently make better decisions.Learn More
Product Profile Aptos Analytic Applications
Aptos Analytic Applications are powerful and flexible planning and allocation tools that turn insights into actions. They let you balance the art and science of analytics to guide you to correct answers that solve your toughest retail challenges, without locking you down. Analytic Applications include Advanced Store Grading with sophisticated algorithms to accurately cluster stores; Size Curve to align your size mix with demand in each store type and location; Size Pack Recommender to create optimal pack configurations and maximize size selling within packs; and Localized Assortment Planning to create balanced assortments with optimal breadth and depth.Learn More
Product Profile Aptos Analytic Services
With Analytic Services, Aptos' professionals can help you apply your retail intelligence in concrete strategies, plans and recommendations to drive your performance and profitability. These services include Process and User Adoption Review to audit your current use and adoption of Aptos Analytics; Business Opportunity Review to analyze and report on enterprise-wide store performance; Customer Centricity Review to align your business processes with your customers' traits and behaviors; Omni-Channel Strategy Review; and Advanced Analytics Solution Training.Learn More

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