Aptos Retail Analytic Applications enable effective actions that solve your most vexing retail challenges. These powerful yet flexible and user-friendly tools leverage the Aptos Analytics data model. They complement Enterprise Analytics by applying business intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities that deliver high-impact insights to four core merchandising tasks, and by optimizing your inventory performance. As a result, you will increase sales, gross margin, sell-thru and inventory turns, while decreasing inventory, overstocks, stock-outs and lost sales.

Optimize inventory

With Size Curve, you can use advanced size analytics based on true customer demand to optimize your size mix and avoid stock-outs and overstocks in each store. The system identifies ideal store-level size curves and detects outliers to boost sales, gross margin ROI by size, and your customers’ experiences.

​​​​​​​The Size Pack Recommender within Analytic Applications lets you create optimal pack configurations with the right sizes pre-packed for the right store, and maximize size selling within packs. Pack profiles let you leverage multi-pack buying to maximize service levels and create pre-allocation of packs, to maximize shipping efficiency, minimize manual handling, simplify allocation, ensure consistent size spreads and save costs.

Advanced store grading

Advanced Store Grading is an interactive, user-controlled application that groups your stores into clusters based on variable inputs. It uses sophisticated algorithms to cluster stores and substantially improve buying and allocation. Combining flexibility with open, converted and closed store logic, Store Grading balances art and science to help you understand true demand, based on store-level sales, consumer preferences and omni-channel shifts, to optimize buying and allocation and help you determine ideal merchandise investments for each class of store.

Localized assortment planning

Localized Assortment Planning works in tandem with the Store Grading application to help merchants plan and buy the best product mix, using highly effective strategies for balanced assortments with perfect breadth and depth. This easy-to-use, configurable application supports all key planning elements, from financial planning and store grading to assortment planning, reconciliation, buying and allocation, with choice count logic, hindsight data extraction, reliable data validation and more. Your team will spend less time gathering data, and transform disjointed assortment planning into a highly customer-centric process that will produce compelling assortments that are ideal for each store.

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