Consolidate, analyze and leverage detailed front- and back-end retail data from across your enterprise and timelines. Leverage this comprehensive solution to clearly reveal: rich, user-defined profiles of what’s happening in each area of your business; the impact of changing conditions; and hidden opportunities and the best ways to pursue them.

eBookHow to Knock Out a Stock OutHow to Knock Out a Stock Out

Learn how the latest advances in exception-based reporting produce dramatic time savings in locating and evaluating stock outs and overstocks.

Powerful Analytics with Speed to Value and Ease of Use

Aptos Enterprise Analytics easily manages your big data requirements. It consolidates huge volumes of data from disparate systems into a meaningful, role-based view of the business, resulting in more reliable information, reduced costs, increased agility and faster execution.

Available for deployment in the cloud, Aptos Enterprise Analytics provides retailers with a significant and sustainable competitive advantage combined with a faster time to value. By working with Aptos, you can start reaping benefits from business intelligence in as little as 60 days while adopting a solid foundation for future growth.

Aptos Enterprise Analytics can jump-start BI initiatives for retailers that lack an existing data warehouse or need help maximizing the value of their existing data warehouse. This proven data foundation includes a multi-channel, multi-company, multi-currency data warehouse, enterprise data model, ETL and pre-built operational retail reports with countless KPIs.

Our retail data model is designed and tuned based on decades of retail experience. The model houses key data common across all retailers and is quickly configurable for the unique business practices of your retail operation. Our analytics platform natively supports Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases, which in a future release will be integrated into our visualizations and dashboards.

​​​​​​​Using compression to reduce storage needs while increasing system performance and response times, the Aptos Enterprise Data Warehouse compiles all key retail data pertaining to:


Product, location, calendar, sales, inventory, receipts, POs/Plans


Customer master data, segments, attributes, campaigns, loyalty programs


Orders, demand, cancels, backorders


Promotion and deal analytics, promotion effectiveness, promotion response

Store Operations

Store traffic, store plans, conversion, labor

Flash Analytics

View and compare sales by product, channel and location, in real time and over time

Supply Chain

Inbound logistics to DC, outbound logistics to stores, DC operations

Aptos Extract, Transformation and Loading techniques streamline data mapping from a broad range of source systems and platforms to the data warehouse, to speed queries and the delivery of business insights.

Analyze richly at any level of detail

Designed and tuned based on decades of retail experience, the Aptos Retail Data Model used by Enterprise Analytics houses key data common to retailers and is quickly configurable to suit the unique practices of your retail operation.

Retail Exception Engine
The Retail Exception Engine within Enterprise Analytics enables fast, easy and accurate drill-down analyses at any level. Using a unique algorithm, this component scans item/store and transaction level data in real-time, calculate sales, margins, dollars and units; removes false positives; and drives correct decisions and actions.

Inventory Productivity
The Inventory Productivity component of Enterprise Analytics lets you better manage SKU, store and channel inventory to reduce overstocks, stock-outs and lost sales; arrange timely replenishments, substitutions and orders; and utilize predictions to prescribe corrective actions.

Market Basket Analysis
Use Market Basket Analysis to understand which products customers typically purchase together, to improve promotions, transaction pull, cross-selling assortment planning, buying, allocation and store operations.

Aptos Analytics enables effective price management practices by evaluating sales performance to determine which items need to take a markdown based on customer’s local purchasing behavior. Its Cut & Run module utilizes exception analytics combined with operational data to suggest an action be taken of a markdown to address overstock situations at the location product level. Analytics thus offers critical support for managing overstocks for products that are misaligned with shoppers’ demands, to optimize available margins and drive inventory turns.

iPaperEngaging and Empowering the Modern WorkforceEngaging and Empowering the Modern Workforce

Tools and tips on forging store associate engagement and relationships.

“We have had a 1,000 basis point gain in gross margin since we implemented Aptos Analytics.”

Reveal, understand and share insights

Role-based dashboards for buyers, planners, allocators, executives and store operations managers deliver high-level overviews by area of responsibility and location and let you quickly display critical details behind every KPI at any level of the hierarchy. Dashboards enable each user to focus on the information and KPIs that are directly relevant to their role, to quickly assess performance and spot problems and opportunities.

Leverage the Report Wizard to clearly communicate data and insights with pre-built reports that are quick and easy to interpret. Enterprise Analytics reports provide users with the full detail they need to make correct, data-driven decisions. They can be enhanced with ad-hoc functions and saved or modified as templates for future use.

Operational Reports provide a wide selection of rich, out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that can easily be leveraged and customized for quick wins after the rapid implementation process.

With support from the latest data visualization technology, users can quickly and easily build ad-hoc dashboards utilizing interactive graphs, maps and advanced visualizations. These powerful capabilities let you grow beyond the world of traditional reporting practices to explore data visually and interactively, enabling new types of data discovery and insight into your organization’s data.

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