The rise of digital technologies has fundamentally disrupted both consumers and supply chains, and the impact on product design has been extreme. Balancing global brand appeal, local authenticity, the accelerating pace of trends, and increased demand for sustainability and positive environmental impact has never been more challenging – or more essential.

We took nearly 30 years of retail planning and product design software expertise and transformed them into a modern technology platform for delivering product lifecycle management for retail.

Aptos PLM provides complete collection management across the entire product lifecycle, giving design, product management, planning, and buying teams the tools they need to bring their brand to life.

Supporting the Product Lifecyle from Sketch to Customer

Sophisticated Tech Pack Management: All data generated by new collections is centralized and standardized for easy management. This includes technical drawings, colors, size specs, bills of materials, and instructions for labeling/ packaging, as well as sampling and production technical worksheets.

Mobile Trend Research: Capture images and ideas remotely via mobile and make them immediately available to design as part of the creative phase of collection development. Use the mobile app for on-the-go access to data, including search, image management, editing and real-time updates.

Corporate Responsibility: Publish and make available to your suppliers your codes of conduct, including policies governing environmental protection, human rights, and working conditions, as well as related audit calendars. Track auditing results and communicate corrective actions to out-of-compliance partners, together with dates for rectification.

Dynamic Line Planning: Business and strategic objectives such as number of styles, style colors, target margins and costs are properly communicated to the design and product development teams. As a result, all functions are on the same page right from the earliest stages of development. A combined analytical and visual view of the collection helps decision-makers immediately understand how new styles will work together.

Quality Assurance: Quality parameters, both qualitative and quantitative, and quality controls enable greater control and monitoring of production. Quality parameters can be grouped by product type (e.g., breathability and nontoxicity for denim) as well as by country, to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Quality test results are shared with individual suppliers as needed for action and they also contribute to suppliers’ scoring profiles.

Sourcing Collaboration and Performance: Track key information regarding partners, manage multi-sourcing specifications and design flexible costing processes. Provide suppliers with all the information required to begin production, with no transfer time and minimized miscommunications. Score suppliers’ performances over time and manage online negotiations. Move seamlessly from purchase requests to POs.

Environmental Sustainability: Create eco-friendly collections and meet increased consumer demands for environmental impact transparency and accountability. Aptos PLM includes Higg Index standards by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)to help align your programs to industry-recognized definitions and best practices.

Integrated Mood Boards: Create digital mood boards and sketches through familiar design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Manage color palettes and share trends with other stakeholders.

Sampling Process and Workflows: Track all aspects of the sampling process, including fittings. Review measurements, add comments, and share in real time with suppliers.


3D/AR: Aptos PLM includes the ability to incorporate 3D and AR design views through its extension framework. Digitize your design process through prototyping and sampling, and collaborate remotely.

Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourced inputs can be easily incorporated into the design process through Aptos extensions. Increase product success and maximize margins by incorporating customer feedback on design and price.

Adobe Integration: An Aptos PLM component is available within Adobe Illustrator, where styles and sketches can be modified as part of an integrated and consistent designer experience.

Integration to Aptos Planning: Aptos PLM can be used in combination with Aptos Planning and Aptos Supply Chain Management capabilities, allowing you to leverage one single Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution to plan, design, assort and deliver your collection.

Key benefits for Aptos PLM customers include:
  • Reduction in product costs by more than 10% / increase in margins by more than 5%.
  • Reduction in the time required to bring products to market by as much as 35%.
  • Increase in development team productivity by 10-20% and enhanced standardization of processes.
  • Improvement in proposed design success rate by up to 10%.
  • Reduction in sampling costs by over 50%.
  • Continuous improvement in product quality.

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