What makes the difference between browsing and buying? For your in-store shoppers, it’s usually the difference between “same-old” service and a truly delightful experience. For you, that means being able to engage them as valued guests, answer their questions quickly, address their needs efficiently, and to exceed their expectations from the moment they walk in to the point they check out.

Aptos Store lets you meet these all challenges and reap the rewards. This acclaimed solution gives your associates easy access to all the information and tools they need to drive conversions and value, and turn sometimes shoppers into enthusiastic loyal customers.

eBookManagers in The Mall: Store Managers Speak OutManagers in The Mall: Store Managers Speak Out

Summary of 50 in-person interviews with store managers in the Mall of America to uncover the omni-channel challenges facing stores today.

Retail’s #1 POS solution

Time and again, leading industry analysts have identified Aptos Store as the market leader in POS. This comprehensive solution delivers:

Better experiences

Improve your customers’ in-store experiences. Empower your associates with the knowledge to have more meaningful interactions and resources that optimize the checkout process.

Improved visibility

Survey the landscape of your stores from one central location. See real-time inventory information and a 360-degree view of your customers.

More control

Equip your managers to run a tight ship. Support best practices with employee management, returns processing, and store operations tools.

Rich features

Operating on a highly flexible and scalable transaction platform, the award-winning Aptos Store Suite supports all of your in-store and omni-channel requirements with fully integrated solutions.

  • Retail Store (POS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Returns Management
  • Promotional Events Management
  • Appbuilder
  • Store Operation
  • Enterprise Store Control
  • Integrations to Aptos CRM, Clienteling, and Enterprise Order Management
Secure payments: your priority and ours

Aptos Store works seamlessly with Aptos Payment and Secure Data Management to ensure that your cardholders’ data is fully encrypted and transmitted securely to and from the bank. Our solution fully supports EMV—which Aptos and our partners can integrate with your POS—and is Level 3 certified.

Aptos Secure Data Manager is a PA-DSS certified solution that supports and simplifies your PCI-DSS audit. Further streamline security through tokenization using Secure Data Manager. Tokenization helps reduce the costs, resources, and risks associated with storing sensitive data.

iPaperEngaging and Empowering the Modern WorkforceEngaging and Empowering the Modern Workforce

Tools and tips on forging store associate engagement and relationships.


International configuration is part of our basic offering. We’ve done the research to understand and prepare for over 30 different country’s regulatory requirements, so your system is safe and your offering is on target.

Plus, we offer great customer service to talk you through new processes and educate you on requirements.





This product complies with the requirements of the NF Mark Payment Management Software. This product is certified by:

AFNOR Certification

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The certification reference system can be obtained from INFOCERT.