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Blog / Feb. 13

Video Interview: Creating Retail Enterprises Built for Change

Alicia Esposito, Nikki Baird

According to Gartner, the pace of change seen over the past 10 years in retail will not ease in the next decade, requiring constant adaptations. To explore this topic, Retail TouchPoints’ Alicia Esposito stopped by the Aptos booth during NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show to speak with Nikki Baird, Aptos VP of Retail Innovation.

In this exclusive video interview, Nikki discusses the challenges – and opportunities – facing retailers as they are being pushed to innovate and adapt in a fast-moving environment.

Nikki talks about how the challenge for retailers is made much more difficult because they have to re-tool their enterprises for change, while constantly delivering new innovations.

She told Alicia that the old model of replacing the foundation first, then adding the “cool features” is a model that no longer works. According to Nikki, retailers consistently tell her, “Give me something that helps me solve these really hard problems now and then over time allows me to erode older technology away.”

For additional insights on how retailers are learning to adapt and thrive amidst constant change, and for a look at what Nikki believes the future of retail will hold, watch the full video below.

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