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Keep your customer experiences aligned with their ever-changing expectations.

Empower your brand experiences to keep pace with shifting expectations with our omnichannel retail experience platform built on a micro-services architecture. Aptos ONE technology helps create enterprises that thrive on change because they are enterprises that are built for change.

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A retail experience platform that adapts as quickly as you do

Cloud native

Moving existing functionality to the cloud can create more problems than it solves. Aptos ONE was built on the cloud and for the cloud, with an architecture built for the future.

Universal commerce services

One cart, one customer, one order: Aptos ONE delivers truly unified commerce, across channels, devices and locations.

Mobile-first execution

Remove all dependencies on store servers, and deliver solutions designed for mobile experiences that create engagement with both employees and consumers.


Innovate with a framework for collaborative development that does not compromise the underlying platform. Create new opportunities for driving value and deliver new capabilities with speed.

Designed for omnichannel

Aptos ONE is native to omnichannel retail and designed for omnichannel excellence.


Never again worry about expanding across borders, as localized requirements, deployed through microservices, make it fast and easy to open new markets and adapt to local challenges.

Solving the hardest problem first: offline stores

Our patent-pending POS platform gives you rich, agile and personalized digital experiences combined with rock-solid offline resiliency.

  • All the benefits of cloud deployments, with none of the drawbacks of poor or intermittent internet coverage
  • Seamless transition from online to offline without the need for additional in-store hardware
  • Rapid, secure extension of store selling to any location: the store parking lot, events, pop-ups and more
Aptos ONE Brochure

Let your customers drive your store selling strategies

Aptos ONE Store Commerce lets you sell when, where and how your customers want to shop.

  • Universal cart
  • Device independence
  • Rich experiences designed for your customers

Thrive on change

Customers, competitors and markets move fast. Aptos ONE empowers you to quickly react, adapt and succeed in this era of constant disruption.

  • Microservices-based architecture ensures maximum extensibility
  • A unique Extension domain comprised of seven integration patterns
  • For example, Aptos ONE can send or consume IoT data and embed IoT data-driven results into user experiences
Aptos Approach to Microservices White Paper

Next-gen architecture for next-gen retail

Aptos ONE architecture design principals form the foundation for the future of retail.

  • Open, extensible architecture
  • Mobile-first from the ground up
  • "The last upgrade"
  • Extensibility is everything
Aptos ONE Platform Technical Overview

Problem-solving at your fingertips

Ready to see what more flexibility looks like?