Aptos ONE

The Power of ONE Platform
Consumers move at the speed of technology. It’s time to move faster.

You need to be customer-centric, and that means offering a differentiated experience through a business that is constantly innovating and evolving. You need to be agile, digital, and insight-driven. But a business built on yesterday’s technology falls far short of delivering on consumers’ expectations today, let alone in the future.

Enable flexibility and speed. Enable agility.

At our core, we have always been focused on helping our retail clients to engage customers differently – leveraging Aptos solutions to provide a seamless, consistent and differentiated brand experience. In today’s dynamic environment, that means engaging with consumers wherever, whenever and by whatever means they choose and constantly, quickly innovating to address changing consumer expectations for modern shopping experiences.

The Aptos ONE Platform takes our core mission into the future of retail, by creating a platform built for change. It is the most robust, flexible and scalable technology platform in the industry, leveraging Aptos’s long legacy of retail capability leadership alongside a revolutionary and patent-pending approach to modern, cloud-native solutions. You need to transform your business, fast. The Aptos ONE Platform is the solution that will get you there.

Deliver seamless experiences—in every journey, every time.
Aptos Singular Commerce makes it happen.
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Platform Highlights
Cloud-native design

Moving existing functionality to the cloud can create more problems than it solves. Aptos ONE takes a cloud-first approach, with an architecture built for the future.

Mobile-first execution

Remove all dependencies on store servers, and deliver solutions designed for an optimized experience that creates engagement with both employees and consumers.

Designed for retail

Scale your solutions to match your business needs, draw on a library of world-class retail capabilities that are designed from the ground-up to be omni-channel, and deliver those online and offline wherever you need them.

Open architecture

Leverage open standards and an API-driven architecture to avoid the technical debt that burdens your business today. For example, through our extensibility framework, Aptos ONE can send or consume IoT data and embed IoT data-driven results into user experiences, including for both store employees and customers.


Leverage flexible deployment models, shared microservices, dynamic application updates, and platform management tools that will enable technology to finally keep up with the speed of the consumer.


Stay innovative with a framework for collaborative development that does not compromise the underlying platform. Create new opportunities for driving value, and access a partner network that can help you deliver new capabilities with speed.

Get started today with Aptos ONE Store Selling, the first solution offered on the Aptos ONE Platform.

You need to be where your customers are, and that means line-busting, pop-ups, mobile assisted selling, consumer scan-and-go, universal carts, and more. You need the flexibility to put devices into service at a moment’s notice. You also need resiliency and reliability, and a solution that is built for omni-channel.

Aptos ONE Store Selling puts cloud-based commerce in the store without either the overhead of in-store servers or the risk of a cloud-only deployment model. And through its microservices architecture, it can be used to augment and extend your existing store technology investment, or it can take you into a new age of a truly agile and innovative – and singular – customer experience.

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