Consumers do their homework on hard goods. Be there whenever they're ready to buy.

As a retailer of hard goods, you can’t rely on the hard sell. Your competitors may, but that’s the exact opposite of what today’s informed, empowered customers want and expect. Whether your specialty is housewares, home decor, electronics or appliances, your role is part demonstration and part imagination: It’s to have ready access to the products your customers are looking for, to showcase both their functional and design virtues, and to paint a compelling picture of how they will appreciate those products as durable enhancements to their homes and lives.

At Aptos, we get that picture. We know that your success depends equally on your ability to efficiently handle merchandise that can be difficult to handle, and on your ability to truly connect with your customers around both their needs and their lifestyle aspirations. That’s why we offer solutions to let you master all of those challenges: Merchandising solutions that place your products exactly when and where they need to be; store and digital commerce solutions that link every touchpoint and point of sale with your entire inventory; and CRM solutions that enable a superior level of engagement and marketing, for superior results.


From planning and merchandising to engaging customers in every channel and optimizing data and operations, Aptos equips you to run your retail business more efficiently, responsively and profitably. Learn more about our solutions, services, and results.



Point of Sale

Engage customers, gain insights, drive sales and streamline processes with the power of one interaction.



Plan, allocate and manage merchandise precisely according to sales and true demand with the power of one product.


Digital Commerce

Delight your customers with consistent, rich online experiences no matter how they interact, with the power of one brand.


CRM and Clienteling

Get close to every shopper: Learn who they are, what they want and how they shop with the power of one customer.



See, understand and respond correctly to everything that’s happening across your business with the power of one view.


Enterprise Order Management

Manage ordering processes efficiently throughout their life cycle and enterprise-wide with the power of one order.


Audit & Operations Management

Optimize data accuracy, consistency and flows to enrich every system and decision-maker with the power of one truth.

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