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Performance Bicycle Leverages Aptos Technology to Shift Omni-Channel Customer Experience into High Gear

Nation’s Largest Specialty Cycling Retailer Rolls Out Aptos Singular Commerce Platform to Unify Sales Channels and Improve Inventory Management, Customer Satisfaction

ATLANTA, October 18, 2016 – Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced Performance Bicycle is leveraging Aptos technology to unify its sales channels, support seamless customer experiences and achieve omni-channel retail success.

Founded in 1982 in Chapel Hill, N.C., Performance Bicycle is the nation’s largest specialty cycling retailer with 106 stores across 21 states and more than 2,000 employees. Like many retailers, the company has sought to eliminate siloed data and operations to support the needs and demands of today’s omni-channel customers.

With Aptos, Performance Bicycle has a flexible singular commerce platform that enables associates to create any order in-store with Aptos Store (Point of Sale) and have that order fulfilled to the customer’s specifications. Aptos’ singular commerce platform integrates every part of the enterprise to enable truly seamless customer experiences no matter where, when or how customers shop.

In a move that has dramatically improved inventory velocity, Performance Bicycle is fulfilling catalog and eCommerce orders from 87 of its stores. Online customers now have access to store inventory, resulting in record fulfillment rates. When the eCommerce inventory is out-of-stock on a certain item, the store inventory fills the gaps so customers rarely experience online out-of-stocks; this also allows the company to clear end-of-season products from stores faster and in a more profitable manner. The Aptos platform also seamlessly integrates with Performance Bicycle’s loyalty and CRM programs, further boosting opportunities to enhance customer experience and long-term loyalty.

Considering Performance Bicycle offers over 600 bike styles in multiple sizes and colors, it needed a robust solution to support endless aisle functionality, to present all the options, colors, and features to customers in any channel. The Aptos solution enables Performance Bicycle to process the items in a single, seamless transaction, and provides customers with shipment options for delivery to their home or local store.

Performance Bicycle was recently recognized as the Best Omni-Channel Retailer by Interbike, the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America. The 2016 Interbike award recognizes the unparalleled shopping experience that Performance Bicycle provides by embracing the digital retail landscape to successfully complement its brick-and-mortar business.

“With Aptos, we’ve completely revamped our merchandise fulfillment while improving the customer experience for omni-channel success,” said Mike Starkey, senior vice president of Information Systems at Performance Bicycle. “The Aptos singular commerce platform gives our customers the ability to purchase and view items in multiple channels, and choose how they want to receive those items, while giving us the visibility for efficient and profitable inventory management.”

Since implementing the Aptos platform, Performance Bicycle has seen daily comparative store sales improvements between 3 percent and more than 10 percent, while simultaneously achieving a 96.5 percent reduction in call center volume.

“The news is filled with stories of retailers shuttering physical store locations – a cautionary tale of fierce competition in the digital age,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and culture leader for Aptos. “What you rarely hear are the stories of retailers that are succeeding in the omni-channel era by leveraging their store assets and digital realms to deliver a seamless and exceptional customer experience. Performance Bicycle is that story.”

With over 125,000 stores live on its singular commerce platform available in the cloud, more than 500 retail brands across the globe rely on cloud-ready Aptos solutions to generate over $523 billion in annual revenues.

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